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Welcome in Venice

Welcome by Venice travel Directory, a place to share impressions, ideas, experiences about the most beautiful city in the World.

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How to Get from Venice to Pisa (& vice versa)
You’re no doubt looking at a map of Italy and thinking, “So, Venice and Pisa don’t look that far apart – would that work for a day trip?” And in fairness, given some of the distances one could travel in Italy, those two cities really do look like they’re within a reasonable distance from one [...]
opera in mostra
1 Oct 2011 - 6 Jan 2012

Opening hours: until October 31st, from 10 am till 5 pm (ticket office 10 am – 4.30 pm); from November 1st to January 6th, from 10 am till 4 pm (ticket office 10 am – 3.30 pm)

Closed on Wednesdays, December 25th, January 1st

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15 Oct 2011 - 8 Jan 2012

Daily 10 am - 6 pm
Closed Tuesdays, and December 25, 26
Open Tuesday November 1, December 27


Curated by Luca Massimo Barbero

The temporary exhibition galleries of the museum will be occupied by an exhibition of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s post war art, flanked by periodic monographic or other shows. This will include the presentation of paintings by Gastone Novelli and by the late Riki Taylor (bequeathed in 2010 to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection), as well as of art incorporating photography.

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Guided tours at Ca' Giustinian
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Other events
1 Jan 2011 - 31 Dec 2012

Upon reservation only

A 15th century gothic Palazzo, one of the richest and most admired in the history of Venice, Ca’ Giustinian overlooks the Bacino di San Marco right at the beginning of the Grand Canal. Its surface covers 6100 square metres, 5600 of which covered and 500 of terraces.
Originally a patrician residence, then a renowned 19th century hotel loved by artists (such as Verdi, Proust, Turner), it became the official headquarters of the Biennale (as well as of municipal tourism offices) in the aftermath of the 2nd World War, and it is now a completely restored building.


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For sale, Chinese only need apply.
Going Out of Business.
Two Notable Fall Photo Exhibits
Off season visitors (who usually have more time for taking in the city) should consider two unusual photography exhibits, one featuring the vision of a bright young French photographer, the other an intimate portrait of a beloved Venetian poet, recently deceased.
Before the Salute, SANITÀ: Protest Targets Hospital Cuts

Join and 40xVenezia together with Venice citizens to protest reductions in local hospital funding.

It's a curious situation when this tiny town, visited by millions upon millions per year experiences a gradual reduction in hospitals, services, and funding, putting everyone's healthcare at risk.
Introducing Grapehops Gastro-tours
Read about Grapehops Euro Gastro Tours: the newest sponsor of Living Venice. Welcome!
Take a Number: Venice Vaporetti regroup
The new numbering system for vaporetto lines could, should help newcomers find the landing they're looking for more quickly. Speriamo bene.
Alajmo Art & “Fluid Light” Revive Ristorante Quadri
The news has got around by now the the Alajmo brothers of Le Calandre fame have taken the one-and-only Ristorante Quadri under their wing -- and as is their habit, are aiming for the sky.
The white côtes of Burgundy: what Chardonnay was meant to be
When someone says "Burgundy," you immediately think of "big red," and elegant, aged pinot noir; eno-contributor Fabrizio Gallino discovers another, less familiar Burgundy, and lets us know what he found...
SiO2nH2O – Illuminations & Transitions
The 2nd edition of the International Glass Biennale
4 Jun 2011 - 15 Sep 2011

Monday > Saturday 3 - 8 pm

Closed July 30th and August 15th

The first part of the 2011 International Glass Biennale will benefit from the appeal of the world renowned Venice Art Show held from June through November, whose 54th edition will explore the role of light in contemporary creativity and its impact in today societies, a topic which echoes the work of artists exhibited by the ESGAA.

The Palazzetto Bru Zane’s gardens will host the outside sculptures by artists Vladimir Zbynovsky and Renato Santarossa, whose work on transparency, light and volume shows the infinite potential of glass as an artistic medium.

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Romantic Venice in Daylight [Video]
I’ve made no secret of my deep affection for Venice, but the Venice that steals my heart is most often the nighttime city – the one where day trippers have left the city a far quieter version of itself, where the unknown waits in shadows and around every corner, where abandoned alleys are silent but [...]
Orsoni is firm: Santa Margherita Shuts Down with the Midnight Marangona
This sprawling campo with numerous late-night locales creates an ideal environment to meet and hang out. The only problem is that campo residents can't get a lick of sleep. What's a Mayor to do? Guest contributor and journalist Gioia Tiozzo reports.
Mountain Men and Mountain Wine
Fabrizio Gallino lives in the Piedmont, north of Torino near the Valle d'Aosta, in the land called Canavese. He a family man who works as an editor, and in multimedia and the web, but his passion is wine and food -- Canavese, Italian, and otherwise. Fortunately for us, he also writes about it.
Think you know Nebbiolo? O mio babbino caro, think again.
Deepest red, oak-aged, intense, complex, stalwart. That's the nebbiolo of Barolo and Piemonte fame, yes? Yes...and no.
Venice Transit News: Aerobus & Rialto Landing
Venice ACTV revises fares, revitalizes buses, and adds a convenient combo land-boat entrance fare to the city; Rialto Line 2 boarding separates non-subscription from CartaVenezia iMob card holders (from 4pm to 8:30, anyway).
Biennale Time — still.

With 89 participating nations, 37 collateral venues, the Venice 54th Biennale International Art Exhibition is diverse, expansive… and still around til November 27.

Though 54th edition of the Venice Art Biennale is winding down, there may be no better time of year for the off-season traveler to take it all in.
Welcome, Walks! A new Living Venice sponsor.
Introducing our new sponsor, Walks Inside Italy Small Group Tours.
Eating Venice: Tiny Yellow Tuna Fins
Tail propulsion in the form of tiny, sturdy, radiant yellow fins. Or, yet another reason why I've (almost) sworn off tuna.
Liselotte Höhs "animal magnetism"
opera di Liselotte Höhs
1 Sep 2011 - 30 Sep 2011

The entrance during the exhibition period is from Museo Correr.
Opening hours: daily 10am - 7 pm (ticket office closes one hour earlier).


In this exhibition, presenting new creations, Liselotte Hohsi shows her intimate correspondence with the animal world. Her works are  modern and ancient at the same time.
Her vision of the world is not anthropocentric but respectful of all living things.  
Liselotte Hohsi has traveled around the world, and in her spiritual nomadism she collected ideas, techniques and materials to use in her art.


Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
Ufficio Stampa:
Annalisa Bruni
tel. 0039 041.2407238
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

FERDINANDO ONGANIA La Basilica di San Marco 1881 - 1893
from the catalogue
16 Jul 2011 - 27 Nov 2011

from 9.45am  to 4.45 pm

The exhibition develops in ten sections:focusing on  the geometric reliefs  and architecture of the Basilica, the mosaics materials, techniques and documentation of interventions in the Baptistery, the quadriga of St. Mark, the marble products; the Ongania  room, the floor mosaic, watercolors and the views of the interior; the Ongania edition, the special bindings,  the vestments  and the treasure of Saint Mark.

full 5 €; reduced 2,50 €  (only for group of 15 persons or more)
tel 041 2708311

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Venice Hotel Tax: What it Costs & How to Avoid It
2011 is, as far as I’m concerned, going to be known henceforth as the year of the hotel taxes in Italy. In January 2011, Rome added a new per-night tax on hotels in the city. In July 2011, Florence followed suit. As of August 24, 2011, Venice will also have a per-night hotel tax on [...]
Who sat on my peaches?
These white tabacchiere (named for their snuffbox shape) or saturnine peaches begin to show up mid-to-late July. They come from the Etna zone of Sicily and are some of the sweetest around; due to their soft pulp they also make an excellent puree to mix up for the famous Bellini Cocktail.
When does a visit become an assault?
33,000 cruise tourists disembark in the lagoon city from seven super-size cruise ships and two ferries. There's no pause in this Venetian August, as thousands of vacationers head for the People Mover tram, then to Piazzale Roma, already overrun with arrivals from the Liberty Bridge.
Ever wonder what’s atop the San Marco campanile?
Cook like a Ve-ne-tian: Settemari’s “The Venetian Fork”
Settemari, a cultural and rowing association, has just produced an authentic and entertaining compilation of recipes from its members, both Venice-born and long-time local foresti da chissà dove, foreigners from who knows where.
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